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Chibbi Styled Commissions
These are my chibbi styled drawings!! They cost a bit more then the WW style and my Style because I find chibbis super hard to draw! 
Semi Realism Commission

This is my semi-realism style, this takes alot more time and thus will cost around 120 points. Depending on the amount of characters you'd like and the background!

My Style ( 2Styles! ) Commission
These are my styled drawings, if you wish to pay a commission with this style instead, feel free to comish! They cost about 60 Points, depending on the amount of characters and background!
Wind Waker Commission
 These are my Wind Waker styled drawings, first one is most recent so that's why it looks a bit less eh compared to my other ones; anyways, those guys in WW style will cost around 40 points, it all depends on the number of characters and background you want for it.

My Bae's and Bbie's

:iconicy-snowflakes: :icontelinkfan1: :icontoonmidna1: :iconicecreamlink: :icontharene:

Elvenae Race

This is a new race I'm creating and working on lately, and here is some basic info of it as of right now ! If you want to create your own, please make sure to follow what I describe! Else I will ask you to change it and if you do not do it, I will ask you to take down any OC's that arn't fit of my race!


The Elvenae are a pure-bred race of new witches who are much more powerfull then normal witches you can see out there who use normal witchcraft and all. They learn the hard way and can only obtain one power, tho they can have absolutely any kind of power, could it be from dust power, to sparkles power (altho I don't see dim of doing a sparkles Elvenae? xD ), they have a Queen, who's name is Aens ( my OC right here ) Aens by Minty-Miniel she is the only one to possesse Stardust power, and all kind of powers aswell, as she is the creator of the Elvenae race. She is the only Queen that there is, and if anyone challenges her for the post, you're gonna get a nice blast in your face, so don't get on her nerves, haha. ( This means, in big, please do not create other Queen Elvenae, please! )

Aens is the goddess of all Elvenae people, she, at first, created 4 Groups containing eatch 4 pure-blooded Elvenae who mated with eatch others and thus making new babie Elvenae into this world to create more element powers, but some of those new Elvenae dissapointed everyone and started mating with other races and breaking the pure-bloodness, and now that's happened, there's not as many pure-bloods anymore, most of them are either dead from age or got killed by mutations. ( will explain this in further reading!) . The half-bloods of Elvenae does not possesse as strong power as Pure-bloods, making them less significant in power and will, their betrayal in their race made them so that they are now weaker, which Aens heavily frowns upon ;A.

Aens also do not want the fact to have a husband or babies because she thinks that if she ever gets any, they will break her pure-bloodness, or that her husband could be secretly a lier about being a pure-blooded, nor does she want to mate with unknowns. So she's gonna be a forever alone and likes it this way.


That's about it for the most basic info! I'm gonna show you'all a little list of what I'm planning to do to let you all know I'm truly into making this new race into a fandom! <3 Blames on Dayo for her amazing work with the Syranium! So I hope everyone ( or atleast some of you ) will eventually create amazing things!

To do List:

Im planning on doing a comic on how Aens appears into this world, and on how she creates the Elvenae.

Elvenae 202's ( kinda like :iconicy-snowflakes: 101's of Syranium haha)


And a little extra info, but I will surely make those into deviations at some point when I get to it! So I might remove this from the custom box once all of what I wrote here will be out!

What Elvenae can mate with: They can basically mate with anything that their sizes allow, so if for example they find a golem partner, that won't happen, just xD but mating with unpure races is frowned upon, so watch out!

Negatif Energies: They don't really get any negatif or positif energies, they just live their lives and do normal people stuff xD tho they do not get very well along with Zora's, soooo, boop for those xD.

Ascension: ( this is a bit like their evolving thingy ) Elvenae do go thru Ascensions, when they learn from books or stuff, they can get more and more powerfull as they grow and all, but when they hit a certain age, they're gonna need to learn more to even more powerfull, and when that happens, you might just want to stay out of their ways because if you stop them, they might try killing ya..

Real Powers Aquired: Elvenae aquire their real powers when they turn 5-6, but they are born with already a few talents, like weak telekinesis, or some might end up with telepathy, its usefull if they need to express their feelings to their mommas xD. Altho the telepathy part is super rare, so not everyone can go and make an oc baby with Telepathy, so if I see too many around, might change that ! Sorry :-:

Birth: Unlike other species, Elvenae mommas will be pregnant of 3 months only, but they won't give birth by the you-know-where-spot xD. Their birth giving happens sorta like magic, the mommas grow pads on their belly belly, they don't get all round-up like a real woman xD, and those pads keep around 1-3 eggs in them ( the babies ), but rarely all of them hatch as they are no longer pure-bloods, so the momma's body can reject them, and some do actually live, and hatch! But that's like 50% chance on 100% ;A. Rare Elvenae babes with pure-blood ftw. xD But if the mother is not pure-blood, and mates with like a siren half-blood, the babies will most likely do hatch, but the babies will be half-bloods aswell, as the half-blood mother is partly other race, she can end up with more then 3, being max, instead could get 6! Or more if she wants to mate again....that's up to you pff xD. Anyways, when the eggs eventually hatch, they will slip into the momma's womb, and the momma will actually go thru real pregnancy, with all the nausea and stuff, but just for 1 week, then she will give birth like normal mommas do.


That's all I can clear up for now, still work in progress, don't forget, so if you're not sure about something, don't be shy and note me! I'll be happy to answer your questions <33

Hail Queen Anthea >:3

F2U - Pixel Wing - Black Version - Flipped by vvhiskers F2U - Square And Swirl - Black - Divider by vvhiskersF2U - Square And Swirl - Black - Divider by vvhiskersF2U - Pixel Wing - Black Version by vvhiskers

Siren Gang Leader Anthea by Icy-Snowflakes


Minty-Miniel has started a donation pool!
50 / 14,000
I need points to be able to work my art, for like purchasing brushes and textures ect! So if you can, please help me by donating or requesting a comission, it's down my page!! Thank you very much !! <3

Cute Thanks by Minty-Miniel

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    Donated Sep 5, 2016, 11:11:04 PM


Minty-Miniel's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Some pagedoll <3

Kiribian to catch : 35,000 !

Rules ;

Make sure to show that YOU caught it on MY page please!

Once you caught it, send me a note with the screenshot and you will get a free character drawing in my style!

Please select one character of your choice, a pose, a background idea and a good character reference!

Which is your favorite OCS that I created? 

2 deviants said Winniea
2 deviants said Bonnie
2 deviants said Darkquesse
1 deviant said Aens
No deviants said Honoria
I'm only posting the questions's answers cause figuring out more facts about me and making up good questions too hard mkay? 

Got tagged by the little dude here :iconfenz-art:

1. What was your favorite childhood movie?
I honestly have way too many,.. But if I can be honest and not be judged, then barbie! W.w

2. What is your favorite series? (Ex. Zelda, Mario, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings etc.)
Supernatural all the way sistah! XD

3. Who is your favorite villain? (Games, books, movies etc.)
Dark Toon Link? XDD and Crowley from supernatural !

4. If you could go any where in the world for a vacation, where would you go?

5. Favorite food.
Oreo frreaking flavored ice creams !

6. What is your favorite mythical creature?
Sirens/mermaids <333

7. If you could have ONE super power, and you would still have to live your normal every-day life, what power would you pick?
Underwater breathing girl <3

8. Who's your favorite OC? It can be your own, or someone else's... (If it does belong to someone else, be sure to give us the name of the artist.)
I'd say probably Coral from :iconicy-snowflakes: <333333

9. Who long have you done art?
I started at age around 10, I'm almost 18 (one month) so yeah! XD quite some while now haha

10. Who shot the Sheriff? and Who shot the Deputy???
I shot the sheriff yeaaa man.

(P.S. if you get this let me know! XD) (I do this joke all the time with my bro XDDD)

11. What is your favorite anime?
Rarely watch anime, but my favorite one was SAO °∆°
(If you're not into anime, what's your favorite cartoon show..)

12. "How much wood could a Wood-chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood???"
(There is an answer to this..)
I don't know? XD probs around lots of wood chucks xD

13. Favorite out door activity..


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